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The eye examination we provide may include the following tests depending our your needs.

Visual Acuity
ØTests the size of letters that can be seen at a distance and near 20/20, 20/40, etc.

Cover Test
ØTests the alignment of the eyes

Visual Field Test
ØChecks peripheral vision, which is important in detecting vision loss in glaucoma and detecting masses in the brain

Color Vision Testing
ØColor deficiencies are common to the male gender

Stereo Vision Testing
ØChecks if the eyes work together or independently

ØA special light is shined into the eyes and lenses are used to find an estimate of your prescription. This is a very important test when assessing young children.

ØAn instrument is used to estimate your prescription, similar to retinoscopy

ØDetermines the prescription for your eyeglasses and contact lenses

ØAllows views of the inner parts of the eye such as the lens, optic nerve, and retina
•Although we can see inside the eye without dilation, the drops allow a much better view to help us diagnose your needs
•The drops can also prevent the eyes from focusing

ØTests the pressure within the eye
•The “glaucoma test”
•Patients with higher pressures can be at risk for glaucoma, but people with normal pressures can have glaucoma, too. This is not a definitive test. Many other factors can influence whether someone is at risk for glaucoma.