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Dry Eye Treatments

OTC Dry Eye Therapy Recommendations

Artificial Tears – Consistency is key. Use at least 4 times daily. Try different brands to see what works best for you.

Oral Supplements – These may reduce inflammation. Be sure to clear it with your primary care provider before beginning. 

Heat Mask – A Bruder mask heats the necessary oils in our tears so they can flow freely. Use 10 minutes per day.

Eyelid Hygiene – Use once per day to clear oils and debris from lids and lashes.

Lumify – This product addresses the chronic redness that can accompany dry eye. Use 1-2 times per day.

In-Office Dry Eye Procedures

This procedure can reduce the dependence on artificial tears and eliminate necessity for prescription eye drops. It uses concentrated light beams to reduce inflammation and heat up the natural oils in the eyelid glands to maintain a better tear layer. Many studies have shown great improvement after 4 treatments (4-6 weeks apart) with subsequent maintenance treatments as needed.

IPL can also be used for patients with recurring hordeolum or “styes.”


This procedure removes oils, residue, and other debris from the eyelashes and eyelid margin that can irritate the eye. IPL therapy is considered more effective when ZEST is performed first. Because ZEST does not use any harsh chemicals, both procedures can be performed in one visit to our office.

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** Every medical insurance is different, and getting prior authorizations can be difficult. Many patients find success with prescription drops but we recommend exhausting all other possibilities before starting this route. **

Regener-Eyes Ophthalmic Solution

Although not technically a prescription eye drop, this product is not found on shelves like most tears for dry eye. However, it can be purchased in our office for less than online listings. This drop can be used 1-4 times per day.